Inmediate is indeed your smart insurance platform

We are transforming Insurance. Again

An ecosystem is required

Many Insurers are exploring blockchain and smart contract supported products.

Yet an ecosystem is still missing. One that can bring these policies to the market in a convenient, consistent, and coordinated manner.

Inmediate fills that gap

We will provide the Insurance industry with that ecosystem where Smart Contract Insurance can be transacted at lightning speed, full clarity, and at much lower costs than ever imagined.

For Consumers

Insurance will be made cheaper, and there is no uncertainty regarding claims.

A diverse scope of coverage will also be made available.

For Insurers

Insurance companies can create new products and market them at lightning speed – with real time data without needing an expensive claims process.

For Distributors

An ability to reach out to a far greater customer base – and being able to sell more niche insurance that suits their target audience.

Our Philosophy

It has always been our goal to enable customers to make the best choices when buying insurance. We provide them the convenience to do it in a simple and quick way while getting the best value for money.

What we’ve created before

In 2016 we launched Insurance Market, a full-service online broking platform that guides customers through the jungle of confusion often surrounding insurances.

It was voted as one of the top 7 Asian Insurtech startups in 2017 by Insurance Post UK.

Smart Contract Insurance:
How Inmediate Makes It Work

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    Policies on Blockchain

    We digitize entire policies into the blockchain – the code is fixed and cannot be tampered with.

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    Linkage with Oracles

    Trusted data sources (Oracles) continuously feed information into the Inmediate platform.

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    Instant Payout

    Based on the information received, when claims conditions are met, the payouts are automatically processed.

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    For Consumers

    For consumers, there is no uncertainty regarding claims, and payouts are received instantly.

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    For Insurers

    For Insurance companies, there is no fear of fraudulent claims – and the bulk of administration costs disappear.


For Consumers

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    Full Trust In Insurance Policies

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    Instant Claims Payout

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    Cheaper Coverage

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    Wider Range Of Choices For Cover

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    Enjoy Loyalty Rewards

For Insurers

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    Automated Financial Settlements

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    Fraudulent Claims Eliminated

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    Rapid Market Deployment Of New Products

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    Marked Reduction In Administrative Costs

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    Real Time Data Always Available

For Distributors

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    Easily Market New Products

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    Far Lower Set Up Costs

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    Increased Outreach Of Customers

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    A Wider Range Of Policies To Sell

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    Increased Revenue Generation

Key Partners

Meet Our Core Team


  • Otbert De Jong | CEO of Inmediate

    Otbert de Jong


  • Kumseng Wong | CFO of Inmediate

    Kum Seng Wong


  • Jeremiah Tan | COO of Inmediate

    Jeremiah Tan


  • Bas van Oers

    Bas van Oers

    EMEA Representative

  • Rahul Rastogi

    Rahul Rastogi

    Lead Architect

  • Jeremey Gill

    Jeremy Gill

    Data analyst

  • Nix Jap

    Nix Yap

    Business Analyst

  • Edgar Ji

    Edgar Ji


  • Suhail Pattanmar

    Suhail Pattanmar


  • Franklin Joseph

    Franklin Joseph


  • Jeanne Achkar

    Jeanne Achkar

    Head of Customer Engagement


  • Max Kantelia - Zilliqa Co-founder & Anquan | Inmediate Advisor

    Max Kantelia

    Co-Founder at Zilliqa & Anquan

  • Tomas Urbanec - Golden Peak Consultancy | Inmediate Advisor

    Tomas Urbanec

    Golden Peak Consultancy

  • Hans Diederen - Wealth Management Practitioner | Inmediate Advisor

    Hans Diederen

    Wealth Management Practitioner

  • Christel Quek - Inmediate Advisor | Zilliqa Advisor

    Christel Quek

    PIN8CLE Ventures

  • Dick Van Motman - Global President Dentsu Creative Agencies | Inmediate Advisor

    Dick van Motman

    Global President Dentsu Creative Agencies

  • Yen Saw - Non Executive Board Member | Inmediate Advisor

    Yen Saw

    Non-executive board member

    An Exciting Road Map

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      Q3 2018

      • Onboard 3 Major Insurance Partners
      • 3 Proof of Concept Products (POC) ready
      • Ecosystem design and specifications
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      Q4 2018

      • Token migration from Ethereum to Zilliqa blockchain
      • 3 POC underwriting and pricing guidelines
      • Prototype dApp on Zilliqa
      • First Smart Contract Insurance Product
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      Q1 2019

      • Oracle network established with interface and settlement functions
      • Eco-system integration and testing
      • Marketing of initial products for public awareness
      • Customer loyalty program
      • Onboard more distributors
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      Q2 2019

      • Full Oracle configuration for prototype products
      • Soft launch first prototype product
      • 2nd and 3rd Prototype Smart Insurance product ready
      • Complete distribution platform coding and connectivity
      • White Paper on Insurance Oracles