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Latest event we’re attending:

Token Sky Tokyo 2018

TokenSky is the largest event for token economy and blockchain industry in Asia. There will be world’s experts, economists, professors, investors and entrepreneurs gathering and discussing the opportunities and problems of the innovative blockchain technology.

During the conference, CEO Otbert de Jong will be speaking about Inmediate, how Inmediate works as blockchain for Insurance and how Inmediate is the Smart Insurance Platform.

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About Inmediate:

At Inmediate, we make insurance policies more convenient, consistent, organized and transparent.Powered by Zilliqa, our aim is to provide the insurance industry with an ecosystem where Smart Contract Insurance can be transacted at lightning speed, full clarity, and at much lower costs than ever imagined.

Check out our whitepaper here to learn more about us.

Our DIT tokens will be the native medium to participate in
the network. Token holders of the platform will benefit from
the increasing utility and use of the tokens as velocity and
participation increases.